Fabric Grades

One big part of buying a new piece of furniture is picking out the fabric! When you see a piece of furniture on display in a store, no matter what fabric it is in… there may be other options than what’s shown. The fabric choice matters greatly, especially when it comes to price and to the durability of the fabric. If you have pets and children, you probably would want a stronger fabric that can handle all of the high traffic. More durable fabrics though do cost a little more. But have no fear if you’re on a budget… cheaper fabrics can also be good!

Let me break down some of the fabric grades you may see when out shopping for a new piece of furniture!

You may see the grades listed in alphabetical order such as A through E. You may also see them listed in numbers.
At Pottery Barn for example, the grades are listed A through E. That being said, A is basically the cheapest of the grades verses E being the most expensive. Although the fabric grade is cheaper, that does not mean it’s any less good than a grade E fabric. The reason why it’s basically cheaper because it doesn’t cost much to make. Grade A fabrics are usually 100% cotton. Anything above a grade A is usually a blend of cotton and other fabrics, and possibly 100% polyester. Now, with a higher grade fabric usually comes with a higher cost. Along with that higher cost are fabrics that are stronger and may last longer.

It’s important to research what fabrics can handle your household traffic. If you have kids and pets, investing into a more expensive grade that can handle everything it may encounter would be more worth it than purchasing a piece of furniture that you will have to replace in 5 years.

Here is a nice website I have found to break things down a little more! Enjoy!

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That’s So French

So, as ive been going through Pinterest the past couple of days, I’ve been noticing a trend I’ve been pinning a lot of.. French inspired furniture! There’s something about a French sofa that has got me drooling over how pretty and elegant they are! I’m crazy about not only the look, but the history behind the French furniture history! 

Here are some awesome pins I have found! 

Via http://lisasouers.typepad.com/lisa_souers_designs/2010/02/a-little-paris.htm


Via http://ribbonlips.tumblr.com/post/20172279359/thedecorista-the-perfect-setee

Aren’t these just fabulous?!! I totally think these types of furniture pieces are a great way to add elegance to any room! It also gives a feel of time travel! 

If you are wondering a little more of how the French style came to be, here is a great website that will take you back in time with great detail! 



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