DIY Color Swatch Dry Erase Calendar!

I have recently just gotten a new office job (yay!) and I found this cool idea on Pinterest! A do-it-yourself color swatch dry erase calendar!

Over the past 2.5 years in school for Interior Design, I’m sure you can image the bunches and bunches I have of color and fabric swatches, so instead of keeping them in a box, I decided to get a little creative with them!

First off, I went down to my local Goodwill and bought a regular picture frame for like $3. This frame is an 11×14.

Second, I dug out my 2015 color swatches from Sherwin Williams and I started to think on what color scheme I would like to do or if I would like to do something completely random! IT’S TOTALLY UP TO YOU!

Third, I started cutting and placing the swatches where I would like them, then securing them down with scotch tape onto the frames inner glass.

Once everything was placed how I liked it, I put the frame back together and BAM, all finished!

I have gotten a dry-eraser marker from Dollar Tree. You can now use the glass as a dry-erase board, because it wipes off so easily! Plenty of room to fix mistakes or change your schedule without worrying about your paper schedule (I’m a neat freak like that)!

P.S: I only did a Monday-Friday version, and I combined the last 2 weeks 🙂




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