Outside is More Magical 

Whether it’s a hot shower, bubble bath, or just a soak in the tub after a long day, I wouldn’t mind it being outside! Not in the wide open of course! I have been falling in love with some of these outdoor showers and spa areas from Pinterest! Sooooooo magical💚💚💚

All curiosity of Pinterest! 

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Loving Decor on Valentine’s Day! <3

Hello loves!


It’s been quite some time since I’ve posted on here with an updated blog! Life is definitely getting crazy and it’s hard to catch a breath when you’re having so much fun! Anyways, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and I’m sure you’re wondering what could you do to around the house to “set the mood!”

Trust me, all those scenes you see in the movies can become a reality very easily! Here are some idea’s to brighten up the household with a more loving mood!

Rose Petals!

Yes, I know, it sounds so cliché because it’s Valentine’s Day and all, but I’m not talking about making a trail to the bedroom or in the bathtub (I mean, I’m not opposing it ;)). Instead of making a trail, let’s try something different! How about rose petals on her office space at home? Or tv stand? Kitchen counters? Just little places throughout the house that she wouldn’t expect, and then she’ll have the smooth mindset every time she views them or is by them!

Try switching it up by doing some different colors other than your typical red! Here’s a chart of different colors!


Image via http://www.chocomania125.com/SCENTED-ROSE-BOUQUETS.html


Can’t forget the candles! If you’re anything like me, you probably have an endless supply of every scent under the moon except the moon itself!

Try something that’s a little sweeter than normal! Or put the candle’s in a different setting!

Try a more delicious scent or flowery scent! Vanilla is classic of course..but I discovered a new scent lately that I am IN LOVE WITH! It’s called Vanilla Rum Cookie! It can be found on a Scentsy consultant’s website!


Here are some other scents that will definitely the area more magical! These scents are also part of the Valentine’s Day Collection at Yankee Candle!

Raspberry Sorbet!



Chocolate Truffle!



Bakery Air! (online exclusive)



Mhhmmm I bet you can smell those sweet smells already! I know I sure can!

Now let’s set the mood with some fun lighting!

String lights are always a great mood setter! String lights to me always remind me of a warm, romantic outdoor scene like a walk through the park or somewhere exotic like the Eifel Tower!

It could be as simple as just stringing them across your living room, bedroom, etc. Here are some other options to which you can create that fantasy scenario with string lights!




Simply add string lights to lantern or liqueur bottles you have around the house!






Or how about attaching your favorite pictures of you and your significant other to the string lights! You can take a stroll down memory lane and fall in love with each other all over again!




Hope everyone’s Valentine’s Day and weekend is as wonderful as all of you are! 


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