Perfect Combination! 

Well folks, I believe I found the perfect combination as it is getting rather chilly here in Wisconsin, but I love Christmas.. And the beach! Gah I can’t make up my mind!  



Sweet Smell of Thanksgiving! 

Now that Halloween is gone, I’m sure everyone is thinking hard about Thanksgiving! All that food and the warmth of your parent’s house or even Grandma’s house! Gah I can just picture it now! What’s really planting a great picture in my head is the sweet smells around me! Yes I’m by a lot of Yankee candles! 

I’ve picked out a couple that I feel like every home should try to make your home feel extra warm and delightful for Thanksgiving or even all year round! 

Bourbon and Vanilla!   
I’m a huge vanilla junkie and this is like the icing on top! 

Salted Carmel!   
Gosh, what isn’t there to love here! 

Pumpkin Spice!   

Fall wouldn’t be fall without something pumpkin! 

 Cinnamon Stick 
Ahh yes, that cozy scent as your are sitting by the fire on a cold winter night! 

Hope I’m getting some great pictures and ideas into your heads to make winter this year a lot more tolerable! 

Seasons greetings!

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Neolith Stone

A couple of weeks ago in my Internship class, we all had to give a presentation of what we have been learning or doing on our job site! Well, honestly, mine wasn’t too special..BUT a fellow classmate gave us all some really cool information including telling us about Neolith Stone, which I had no clue existed! Turns out, this stone is pretty darn amazing and can be used in several different ways! I’ll give you a break down of what Neolith stone is!

Basically, Neolith is a remarkable stone that doesn’t scratch and doesn’t stain, idea for counter tops. Neolith also has some other amazing qualities such as fire and heavy-duty cleaning agent resistant, and, thanks to the extremely low absorption rate of technical porcelain, ideal for food contact and processing.

Seriously.. could you ask for anything better or more!?

Neolith stone is also Eco friendly! It is made up of all natural elements such as clay, feldspar, silica and mineral oxides, and its colors are made up of natural pigments. The colors are nothing short of breath taking when it comes to all these wonderful elements involved!

Here are some examples!

Gosh, I can’t get over how incredible this natural stone is!

You can also use this stone as basically anything! Walls, flooring, in your bathroom, counter tops, anywhere in your home! The durability is lifetime and really only requires a once in a lifetime buy! Seriously, who can beat that?!

How much do you expect to pay for something that doesn’t scratch, stain, and haves a lifetime durability? Not a lot! Actually, Neolith stone has some very reasonable pricing depending on where you go! As modern day arrives, I believe more of this stone is going to be a normal for everyone!

Go ahead and check out a local kitchen and bath store or counter top store and ask them about Neolith stone! You may be shocked at how much it is with all these wonderful benefits! Enjoy!

Happy Decorating!

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