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Hey guys! I know that my blogs are mainly about interior design and home decor.. but, I tend to trail off sometimes onto different subjects!

So, today I officially signed up to be a L’BRI consultant today! WHOOP WHOOP! But wait…what’s L’BRI? L’BRI is taking the world by storm as one of the effective skin care products out there! Even been proven to be healthier than Proactive! Don’t believe me? Look at Proactive’s ingredients and chemicals… not good! L’BRI is all natural products including the main ingredient.. ALOE!! Yes the secret ingredient is aloe and it has saved my skin in so many ways!

L’BRI isn’t all just skin care either! They have a wonder line of cosmetics as well as health and wellness! Let me share with you what I personally use to make my skin just beautiful in so many ways!

This set is the Deep Pore Set #2. This set has the Deep Pore Cleanser, Freshener, and Moisturizer. Also includes my personal favorite, the Rejuvenating Facial Peel, and Smooth N’ Firm eye repair gel! This stuff works wonders! My face keeps getting smoother and smoother every time I use it!

If anyone would like to order something or order free samples, PLEASE visit my website and I will get you started on a beautiful journey!


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That’s So French

So, as ive been going through Pinterest the past couple of days, I’ve been noticing a trend I’ve been pinning a lot of.. French inspired furniture! There’s something about a French sofa that has got me drooling over how pretty and elegant they are! I’m crazy about not only the look, but the history behind the French furniture history! 

Here are some awesome pins I have found! 

Via http://lisasouers.typepad.com/lisa_souers_designs/2010/02/a-little-paris.htm


Via http://ribbonlips.tumblr.com/post/20172279359/thedecorista-the-perfect-setee

Aren’t these just fabulous?!! I totally think these types of furniture pieces are a great way to add elegance to any room! It also gives a feel of time travel! 

If you are wondering a little more of how the French style came to be, here is a great website that will take you back in time with great detail! 



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