Fourth of July Fun!

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I am slightly shocked that it’s almost the Fourth of July! Seriously! It’s almost here! Anyways, I’ve been discovering some cool ideas to make that Fourth of July party extra fun and not to mention pretty cool looking as well and I just have to share them with you!

Okay, so you’re having a cookout or a family get together… what are your guest eating on? What are some decor to add to the table top? Well here are some cool ideas!

Easy 4th of July or Memorial Day Party Utensil Holders #DIY



An Overall Theme that Capitalizes Upon A Simple Design Trend and then Repeated throughout your Party area or when year-round Decor for a Room will Create a Stunning Design Impact!  PLUS, the time it saves you on Decorating can now be spent on other Design Areaa & Creative Inspirations  (Southern-Charmz Interiors -      Idea & Picture from BHG.COM

Now…what are you serving for food?!

25 Fourth of July Food Ideas - #11 Fruit & Brownie Kabobs                         baixar musicas

Buzzed Cherry Bombs are cherries soaked in vanilla vodka then dipped in melted candy and sprinkles. A fun red, white, and blue dessert for Fourth of July.

Okay these are pretty cool! Eat responsibly!

Take the stress out of dinner time with these Slow Cooker Philly Cheesesteaks!  A delicious meal that is so easy to make any night of the week! |

Greek Yogurt Chicken Salad Sandwich - From the plump grapes and fresh apples to the sweet cranberries, this lightened up sandwich won’t even taste healthy!

28 Badass Burgers To Grill This Weekend....forgive the language but a lot of these look soooo yummy! Definitely keeping this in mind for when John gets back from deployment. He looooves burgers!

Seriously…my mouth is watering with this blog! You have to check out these burgers! No party is complete without them!


DIY gifts for Christmas

Outdoor Scrabble! How cool is that!

Yard twister - love for spring and summer Great for a party outside to keep the kids or adults busy!

Have to find someone, anyone who can do the carpentry work for this! It would be so fun at a school or church carnival, neighborhood party, any party!

This one looks super fun!

Hope your Fourth of July is filled with fun and memories!




Furniture Fabrics

Over the past couple of weeks at Pottery Barn, I’ve been asked quite a bit of questions regarding fabric choices for furniture and rugs. Sometime I know the answer and others, well not so much because we are human and I don’t know everything. Basically, I’m going to give you a small guide to what the basic fabrics that most furniture are made out of and how to take care of them. 🙂


Cotton is a natural fabric making it naturally strong.

Favorable Properties:  excellent drapability, comfortable, long lived with proper care and maintenance, hydrophilic/ absorbent.

Unfavorable Properties:  wrinkles unless blended or treated, low abrasion resistance, mildews if kept moist, low resilience.

Designer Concerns: cotton upholstery would need to be washed right away. Cotton is flammable and burns readily.

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Polyester is a manufactured fabric.

Favorable Properties: Durable/strong, soft-hand, abrasion resistant, doesn’t wrinkle, easy care, dyes easily, blends easily, thermoplastic, acceptable taste.

Unfavorable Properties: Oil stains can not be removed, may have oily texture, pills, static issues, varied hand, hot, not green, does not breathe.

Designer Concerns: Area rugs are best, pilling, staining and static concerns, do not use blends for bedding and towels.

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Nylon is a manufactured fabric.

Favorable Properties: Exceptionally strong, lustrous, elastic with good recovery, abrasion resistant, low moisture absorbency.

Unfavorable Properties: Harsh hand unless modified, susceptible to sunlight deterioration, sheen can appear artificial, conducts static electricity.

Designer Concern: Carpet kept clean and out of sunlight, finish for static, upholstery for commercial as it last too long, blends of nylon and wool for commercial use.

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Hopefully these few fabric facts will help when choosing your next furniture piece or even clothing!

All this information is from my wonderful instructors in the Interior Design program at Fox Valley Technical College in Appleton, WI.

Here’s the link to my school’s program! Check it out!



Summer Flowers

Since I’ve last posted, I received a new job! You are looking at the newest employee at Memorial Florist in Appleton! With all the new experiences comes a lot of new learning. I honestly didn’t know how many flowers in this world actually exist until I started looking at the basics of any bouquet! Yes, you have your roses, lilies, daises, and so on, but what about those that you may know the look of but don’t know what their called or how to take care of? That’s where I’m going to step in and give you a little guide of some popular summer flowers!

Cut Flowers


This very colorful flower grows best in full sun or partial shade and bloom from June to July. Contact with the foliage may cause skin irritation so be sure to wear gardening gloves when handling these flowers! These come in about any color you can think of! They’re the perfect addition to any bouquet or just by themselves.


Imbued with soft soothing hues, a dense, round and shapely hummock hosts narrow, leathery sea green foliage that’s lustrous, oval-shaped and dons gray undersides. Tiny yellow flowers swirling in neat, airy umbels stage a light-hearten dance upon this medium-sized evergreen shrub for most of the summer and early fall. This flower generally blooms from June through October. This is quite a popular choice when picking out the finishing touches to a bouquet as greenery.


Liatris can be grown in full sun or part sun and bloom usually 70-90 days after planted. If planted by seeds, these may not bloom until the 2nd year. These flowers also attract butterflies and are pest resistant! They can also be grown about anywhere and can handle colder temperatures to a point. Liatris plants don’t really need fertilizing, especially if grown in healthy soil, though you can add fertilizer prior to new growth in spring, if desired.

I’m thinking of doing more blogs about flower classifications and possible floral design as I keep learning! Please feel free to leave a comment or tweet me if you’re for the idea! 🙂

Memorial Florist and Greenhouse in Appleton, WI



Table Top Accessories

Let’s think of your dining room table or possibly an end table in your living room or bedroom. It’s empty and you need just a touch of something there to make the room complete! Hmmmm, what to add? Let me give you some inspiration!

Moss balls!

Moss balls are basically what they sound like, a ball of moss. With all different shapes and sizes that these can come in, they add a perfect casual elegance to any room! They also add that little pop of color that you may need in that all white kitchen!

C h â t e a u . I n s p i r e d dining room vignette

Coffee table makeover from Dear Lillie - after - light blue distressed finish with stained top

Turns out moss balls are pretty simple to make as well! Here, check this out…


Vases of all shapes and sizes and colors are a great and easy way to finish off a table! The best thing about them is all the stuff you can put in them! Candles, sand, moss, beads…the list can go on forever! Vases are very easy to dress up when it comes to the holidays too! Try simply wrapping your vase with tissue paper or wrapping paper for when Christmas comes around! Boom! It’s like a whole new piece without all the hassle of buying something due to seasons!

Fill the candy buffet vases up with fruit so i can use them all year round and keep fresh fruit

Eye-Catching Vase Arrangements That Tickle Your Fancy

Du bois et des bougies pour réchauffer l'atmosphère.

37 of the Best DIY #Christmas Gifts For #College Students


Okay, who doesn’t like some sort of candle? Whether it’s the scent, or the looks, they can add the perfect finishing touch to that empty table top! Have them up on pillars at different heights or just there in a small grouping, you will not regret those candles!

Hurricane Vase with Candle 7 Decor Items Your Home Cant Live Without

Coastal Decor, Beach, Nautical Decor, DIY Decorating, Crafts, Shopping | Completely Coastal Blog: Top 13 DIY Coastal Beach Candles & Candle Holder Ideas

What a gorgeous centerpiece for Christmas!! Such beautiful flowers!!

Now go on and finish off that empty table top with something beautiful!

Happy Decorating! 🙂

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Decorating the Top of Your Cabinets!

As I was working at Pottery Barn today, I had a guest ask me a question I guess I didn’t know how to answer so very well at the moment. She said she has some upper cabinet space that she wants to fill and doesn’t know where to start. She said she has some wine bottles up there but nothing too spectacular and she would be willing to go with any style. Now, this honestly threw me off because I guess I never thought of all the things you could do on top of your kitchen cabinets! So with that being said, here’s my attempt to give you guys some ideas and inspiration! 🙂

Don’t over clutter!

I personally don’t like so much clutter on top of those gorgeous cabinets you have! Instead of having such a clutter all across your cabinets, let make little groupings that don’t seem so cluttered! Here’s some examples I have found…

Kitchen Cabinets Decorations On Top | ... of Kitchens - Traditional - Light Wood Kitchen Cabinets (Kitchen #123



Let’s add some color in there!

Decorating with Oak Cabinets - #2 Through the 1980s and 1990s, oak cabinets were the popular choice among builders for kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms in homes across America, and they remain in many of them to this day. Oak is a hard wood and if prope



Do you have something you want to show off? Maybe a special vase or picture? Putting that special piece as the center piece to the upper cabinets is the perfect way to show it off and attract attention to the cabinets more! I also feel like if it’s something more personal, it will make the room feel more “homie” like.

At Pottery Barn, we have a wide variety of vases and lanterns that add a great touch to the top of your cabinets or fireplace mantels! Here are some of the inventory!


Malta Lanterns


Bristol Lanterns


Tuscan Urns and Cachepot


Aegean Clear Glass Vases

Maybe add some floral on top of your cabinets?

Google Image Result for



Hope these give you some ideas to get started!

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